2018 - Propnex Top 317th Producers for Annual Convention

2017 - Propnex Top 25th for month of june 2017

2016 - Propnex Top 8th Associate Division Director

2015 - Propnex Top 40th Producer 2nd Quarter 2015

2014 - Propnex Top 5th Associates Division Director

2013 – Propnex Top 8th Associate Division Director

2013 – Propnex Top 143th Producer

2012 – Propnex Top 127th Producer 1st Quarter 2012

2011– Promoted to Associate Division Director

2010 – Propnex Top 114th Producer

2009 – Propnex Top 67th Champion Producer

2008 – Pass Common Exam for house Agent (CEHA)

2008 – Promoted to Asst Associate Director

2007 – PropNex Top 100 Champion Producer

2007 – PropNex Top 30 Champion Producer in Dec

2007 – PropNex 1st & 2nd Quarterly Excellent Service Award

2006 – PropNex Top 200 Champion producer

2005 – Joined Propnex in July 2005


Eric Pang believes in providing good quality services to everyone of his client.  Many years back I was working in many sales job including insurance career.  I used to be contented with living a simple life.  However, my carefree life came to an abrupt end when my mother had to undergo costly medical treatment for cancer and stroke.  My savings were wiped out from paying the medical bills.  I decided to re-launch my career in real estate sales given.  My working experience in the service industry combines with a knack for business opportunities soon turned my life around, enabling me to reap greater financial yields for my family.

 Treat Every Client As Special:

Real Estate Agents deal with home owners from all walks of life.  So it is essential to always be humble and not look down on anyone.  You can’t tell by a client’s appearance if he or she has the ability to afford a property.  If a client shows up for a house viewing wearing shorts, he should be treated with as much respect as a client in a suit and tie.  By treating everyone as privileged clients, eventually they will become your best customers, and in turn your best referrals.  Even if they are not well off, always treat everyone fairly and equally.  Sometimes a chance encounter can lead to greater opportunities.

Summary of Eric Pang's Key Success Factors:

1. Set a Proper Goal

To achieve success in life, you must first find a focus  and set for yourself a proper goal.

2. Upgrade Yourself

Continuous learning is essential to give yourself a thorough  knowledge on the real estate industry, and also keep yourself constantly updated on new and ongoing developments. Only with a firm knowledge can you provide your clients the best service and advice possible.

3.Keep a Flexible Mindset

By being flexible, you can adapt to different situations and serve the differing needs of different clients. In negotiation, some flexibility is a must to strike a win-win deal for all parties involved.

4.See to the Client's' Welfare

Treat everyone equal and make your clients' welfare your top priority. To do this, put yourself in your clients shoes and try to understand what they're going through.

5.Trust and Good Service Earn Referrals

To gain your clients' trust, always provide the best service you can and treat them the way you would treat your friends. Through this, you will gain many referrals.

6.Solve Your Client's Problems

Unfortunate events can sometimes happen unexpectedly, creating problems. Even if the problem is your client, not yours, do your utmost to solve our client problems. In doing so,  you will win another loyal customer.


Eric Pang’s Recruitment Drive:

I have started my recruitment three years ago.  I believe in team effort and fostering a good working culture.  Have a large team requires mutual understanding, love and concern of each team members.  You must create team synergy so that everyone can work together in harmony.  Through teamwork, agents learn case studies during meetings and start knowing one another better as friends and peers.  By allowing them to get to know each other on friendlier terms, when it comes to co-broke contracts, it removes a barrier during negotiations, making it easier for them to close deals.  The group will be strong and powerful.

Eric Pang’s see a belief of such successful role model of PropNex Achievement.  I follow this concept to allow working with few good team leaders with the right culture and attitude to achieve excellence.  Our team leaders have developed an entrepreneurship spirit and a self-achievers attitude to provide the team with better networking opportunity, synergy and exchange of ideas, allowing us to leverage on each other’s strength & resources.

The name “TEAMEricPang”  - After expansion we’ve identified our team as   “TEAMEricPang” so all of us, including our associates, co-own the brand, which  gives everyone a sense of belonging.  When others ask about our unique logo of a Centurion Eagle, we tell them it illustrates our determination and strong history.  There is no room for complacency or negativity because there is always someone to keep up our spirit and dynamism.

The best advice I can give to new agents or those aspiring to grow is to join a branded company with a strong and large network, where you can participate in proper and practical real estate training so you can better excel. After all, unity is strength. I believe in team effort, for together, we can learn, earn, and grow from each other to a higher level.

Hp: +65 91077960
Associate Senior Group District Director
75 Marine Drive
HDB Apartment
Marine Drive
S$ 510,000
Avila Gardens
Flora Road
S$ 668,000
Redhill Forum
Light Industrial (B1)
Jalan Kilang Timor
S$ 600,000
Upper Changi Road East
S$ 2,500 / month
Kentish Green
Oxford Road
S$ 3,500 / month
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Sanctuary Green
Tanjong Rhu Road
S$ 1,550,000
Punggol Central
S$ 780,000
Central Grove
Geylang East Avenue 1
S$ 1,450,000
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The Inflora
Flora Drive
S$ 785,000
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( Eric Pang ) Pang Teck Siong
Associate Senior Group District Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3010738A / R011508A
(+65) 9107 7960
(+65) 9459 9606