Exec Condo

EC Eligibility

How Am I Eligible For Executive Condominium (EC)?

EC owner who have occupier their EC and met the 5 Year minimum occupation period (MOP) can sell their EC in the open market. The 5 Year MOP is computed from the date of issuance of Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) in respect of each EC. 

After the 5 year MOP, from 6th to 10th year, EC can be sold in the open market to those who can meet the following eligibility condition. 

From 11th year all restriction will be lifted, Foreigner and cooperate bodies can buy EC's in the open market from 11th year of the EC project. 


Eligibility Conditions: Click Here

Household Status 

  • First -Timer Applicants
  • Second - Timer Applicants 

Time Bar 

  • Existing Owner or Ex -Owner of an HDB Flat 
  • Ex-Owner of an EC 
  • Essentail Occupier 
  • Divorcees 
  • new flat who cancelled their application after booking a flat from March 2012 Sale Execise onwards 
  • Bought an EC /DBSS Flats with CPF Housing Grant 

Conditions After Purchase 

  • Condition after purchase 

Buying an Executive Condominium from Open Market 

  • Eiligibility Conditions
  • procedure to buy 

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